Max Speed – Looking for a publisher


Max Speed – adrenaline pumping racing game!
During street-racing competition, your car crashed into a truck carrying magical artifact on its way to an archeological museum. The collision has activated the artifact that has been only partially destroyed, its pieces scattered among other items of the museum.
This created an anomaly that threw all racers into the past. Now they are trapped in different ages.
The only chance to get back to the present is to find all pieces of the artifact!

Overtake your rivals, escape aggressive museum exhibits, and prevail in tournaments!
Max Speed – has no boundaries! Leave your opponents in history!
Speed up, shortcut making jumps and getting over the walls, perform unimaginable stunts, pick nitros – and level up to get even more of adrenaline-driving.

Key features of the game:

• Impressive 3D graphics
• Simple controls
• Variety of mission types
• Addictive tournaments
• 4 terrific worlds: Dinosaur Age, Ice Age, Caribbean Pirates, Wild West
• 60+ breathtaking tracks
• Multiple stunts
• 10+ unique racecars
• Comprehensive car upgrade system, including engine, acceleration, nitro, tires
• Achievements
• Exciting action setting
• Dynamic music and sound effects

🏆 Max Speed won first place at Lviv GameDev Conference 2017 for audience choice
🏆 Max Speed won first place at WeGame Kiev 2017 for audience choice