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Upgraded is ready to go!


Look at your clock – what time is it? Yeah, it is time of a REALLY GREAT news!

We were waiting for it for all the june and now the fully upgraded site is ready to go!

What does it mean for

First, the designs of site has become more friendly and pleasant for users. Now you can easily find the most popular and the hottest games in the world of flash.

Second, from today online registration on Maxmixgames is available for every player. The site has developed into the covered space with its own system of currency and achieve bonuses.

More that – the hightscore in games is savable now! You can rise on the new and new tops every time!

Every thursday – a new cool game!
Every day – new impression!

Play like a child with Smokoko!

Great news about something new


You know that we always try to rise in all we do – all the best for our players, of course.
And at this time we are working on our game website. will be fully updated soon! And not only design will become new.

We are preparing some features that will make your playing much more engrossing!
New games every week, special privileges for regular gamers… But all in good time. : )

Watch the news and wait with us!