Company History



We are a game development studio and publisher that was founded in 2010 as a flash game developer. In recent years we have shifted our focus to mobile-first, with the goal of creating the best exciting racing game experiences. Our racing titles are well-known around players from different countries around the world. The games like Car Eats Car, Dead Paradise, Mad Day, Mad Truck Challenge, Rich Cars, Spy Cars, Desktop Racing are some of the most popular in their genre.



Currently, our games have generated over 60 million downloads across iOS and Android, and we are constantly striving to reach even more players in the future!



Our company slogan is “Play like a child” and we truly believe that the pure essence of what makes Smokoko, Smokoko – Is its people. A unique and diverse bunch of enthusiastic professionals at the top of their fields, each united by a love of making amazing video games and having a good laugh.


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